Studies suggest that the benefits of hiring people with disabilities include improvements in profitability, competitive advantage, and inclusive work culture, to name just a few. Yet, few blind and visually impaired Americans are in top levels of leadership in the workforce. Creating the widespread systemic change AFB is pushing for requires an even more significant presence of people with vision loss at the highest levels, which is the idea behind AFB’s Blind Leaders Development Program.


Blind Leaders Development Program participants have a unique opportunity to develop their leadership effectiveness, improve their interpersonal soft skills, expand their networks, learn from proven blind leader mentors, and receive one-on-one professional coaching.

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Mentors of the Blind Leaders Development Program have an opportunity to invest in an emerging blind leader by volunteering their time and sharing their knowledge, wisdom and expertise. Mentors will have an opportunity to develop their crucial conversation skills, expand their networks, and engage in AFB’s systems change initiatives.

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The Blind Leaders Development Program will increase participants’ effectiveness at higher levels of leadership, influence, and responsibility. The program will expand participants’ networks across sectors, creating opportunities to engage in leadership roles. As participants rise to greater levels of influence, they will be able to hire and mentor other blind individuals, creating a positive, upward trend.