Procter & Gamble received a Keller Achievement Award for setting a sterling example through its diversity and inclusion initiatives. P&G has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to disability inclusion and making the company, its brands and services more inclusive for people with disabilities.

On behalf of Procter & Gamble, the award was accepted by Sumaira "Sam" Latif. Sam is Company Accessibility Leader at Procter & Gamble. She has held multiple roles in IT for P&G brands including Pampers, Olay, and Pantene. Over her nearly 20 years with P&G, Sam's unique perspective has proven invaluable, as her struggles with many of the company’s products fueled her desire to innovate and find creative ways to address challenges for people with disabilities.

Join Sam Latif along with a diverse group of women in various leadership roles on March 18 as they address the key issues facing visually impaired women at our inaugural Centennial Conversation, "Women in Leadership: A Conversation About the Intersection of Gender and Visual Impairment."


Thank you to the American Foundation for the Blind for this incredible recognition.

And thank you for all you do every day to champion accessibility and inclusion for the blind and low vision community.

It is a real honor to receive the Helen Keller Award on behalf of Procter & Gamble’s beauty business, and to be part of the growing community of individuals and organizations who have received this award before us – Microsoft, Apple, Stevie Wonder. I’m truly humbled to share the virtual stage with such a talented and amazing group of honorees.

It’s a journey of many steps towards accessibility. I know there is still a long way to go, but businesses are taking positive strides towards ensuring that humanity is better reflected in their organizations so that products that delight everyone can be created. And this makes me so excited and motivated for the future – not only because I’m P&G’s Company Accessibility Leader, but as a blind consumer.

Imagine a world where everything is accessible for everyone. Where we can use any product. Where we can enjoy any media or service. That feeling of confidence and independence is what drives me and all my colleagues at P&G to integrate accessibility, equality, and inclusion into everything we do.

Thank you again to the AFB for this incredible recognition.