B3 Magazine cover with gray/white marbled background. Kirk’s photo is aligned on the right margin with the background appearing on the top, bottom and left margin. In the headshot, Kirk is very distinguished with silver hair and dressed in a dark business suit with a dark print tie. “B3” is in large teal text and a teal-colored circle with Kirk’s name and title are in white text.

As part of the digital lifestyle magazine Bold Blind Beauty’s monthly “Men in Motion” series, Dr. Kirk Adams was the feature story for the February 2020 edition. In it, Kirk discusses his employment journey, learning to read Braille at a young age, and who were some of his biggest influences, among other topics.

“Really, what’s next for me and for AFB is to change systems,” Kirk says in the exclusive video. “To eliminate barriers, to create opportunities, to understand where we can focus our resources, leverage our relationships, our expertise, our history, to level the playing field for people who are blind. To create that world of no limits."

Built on the premise that “Real Beauty Transcends Barriers,” Bold Blind Beauty was created to empower blind and visually impaired women. In recognition of the year 2020, the magazine unveiled its “2020 A Year Of Vision” Campaign, which focuses on changing perceptions about the disability community and advocating for inclusion.

Check out Dr. Kirk Adams’ Men in Motion feature.