Thursday, May 17, marks the seventh Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), the purpose of which is to get everyone talking, thinking, and learning about digital access/inclusion and people with different disabilities.

Every year on this day, AFB takes this opportunity to share our own resources to get the public thinking about accessibility. This year, we put together a free webinar to commemorate the day, featuring presentations by Cristopher Broyles, Chief Consulting Solutions Officer; Matthew Enigk, Accessibility Engineer; and Lee Huffman, Editor of AccessWorld.

Cristopher Broyles, Matthew Enigk, and Lee Huffman, presenters of the 2018 Global Accessibility Awareness Day webinar

Topics ranged from recent advances in the accessibility space to the common characteristics of successful accessibility programs. It also included an overview of AccessWorld, AFB’s online magazine devoted to technology as it relates to people with vision loss, as well as a look at the solutions and services AFB offers to augment and support corporate accessibility programs. The archived webinar and transcript is available in our AFB Accessibility Resources topic area.

Meanwhile, Helen Selsdon, AFB's archivist, demonstrated the accessible features of the digital Helen Keller Archive with students at the New York Institute for Special Education in the Bronx.

Helen Selsdon at NYISE helping a student explore the Helen Keller Archive student using the Browse feature in the digital Helen Keller Archive

As we look forward to leading the way in accessibility rights, addressing technological barriers, and pioneering accessible and inclusive solutions for people with vision loss, here’s a brief look back as what AFB has shared over Global Accessibility Awareness Days past.

As always, learn how you can improve global accessibility for your website or business by contacting AFB.