On November 24, CNET, a global outlet that publishes reviews, news, articles, blogs, podcasts and videos on technology and consumer electronics, ran a story titled “How blind engineers are fixing the online job hunt.” The story largely features an interview with Chief Program Officer Megan Aragon as well as the work and mission of AFB Consulting.

Finding meaningful employment during the pandemic can be particularly difficult, and is exacerbated further for jobseekers with disabilities. For example, many job application portals are not fully accessible for people who are blind or low vision. AFB Consulting works with companies to make their websites, tools and practices more accessible and user-friendly.

"Throughout the entire lifecycle of employment there are potential barriers and friction for individuals with vision loss, and really anybody with a disability," Aragon says. "There's a direct connection between access to technology, accessibility of job postings, inclusive recruiting practices and just getting your foot in the door."

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