Mark Richert Mark Richert, AFB's Director of Public Policy

AFB has joined with a broad coalition of disability rights organizations and auto and motorcycle manufacturers, suppliers, repairers, and more in urging prompt action on the US Senate's version of autonomous vehicle legislation, AV START Act (S. 1885).

This groundbreaking bipartisan bill includes many specific provisions drafted by AFB and our partners that make the Senate's approach dramatically superior to the House bill. Among other key components, the Senate bill would:

  • Establish a working group to develop best practices in the design and deployment of highly automated vehicles to ensure the accessibility of user interface controls for autonomous vehicles, along with physical accessibility for individuals with motor impairments
  • Ensure that drivers' licensing requirements cannot discriminate on the basis of disability

The legislation does not create new federal regulations but a process for tackling issues. Learn more about the AV START Act.

The AV START Act, S. 1885, contains meaningful provisions to turn the promise of driverless cars into a technical and legal reality.

We support S. 1885, and we urge the Senate to take prompt action on the measure. As the House moves to reconcile the bills, please urge your legislators to support the Senate's version of the AV START Act.