It can only be seen as a positive that W3C has made the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 an official Candidate Recommendation. The latest proposed recommendation adds helpful guidance on certain areas without being overly restrictive.

The focus for WCAG 2.1 has been to more fully address the accessibility requirements for:

  • People with cognitive and learning disabilities
  • People with low vision
  • Mobile accessibility

W3C is also working to meet an ambitious timeline to publish the first Working Draft in February 2017 and complete it by June 2018.

We now have more specific guidance for visual user-interface elements, such as in 1.4.11 Non Text contrast. This ensures that icons, buttons, and other non-text content have the same contrast requirements as text, whereas in the past we've had to stretch the text requirement. Now these elements are explicitly covered. A great example of these latest changes can be seen in the new American Express logo, which the company redesigned to take into account accessibility considerations.

There are also some great additions for mobile content, including how to handle motion control and guidance for the minimum touch target size for elements like buttons.

AFB Consulting will continue to monitor for the next WCAG 2.1 Recommendation, expected in June 2018. If you have questions about implementation, please reach out to us at cbroyles@afb.net.

Interested in learning more about accessibility? AFB Consulting will be hosting a free webinar on May 17th in celebration of Global Accessibility Awareness Day. Details to follow shortly!

Author AFB Staff