"Reading has been the chief pleasure of my life. Indeed, reading has meant so much to me that I am in danger of extravagance whenever I speak of it."
"The Importance of Reading", The Home Magazine, 1930

"More than at any other time, when I hold a beloved book in my hand my limitations fall from me, my spirit is free." Midstream, 1930

"Through the magic of six dots the gates of knowledge have been flung wide, and the blind of each country can enter the world of enchantment beyond the reach of physical sense. Never at any time are we so free as when we hold a beloved book on our knee, and the Braille dots flash into our fingers the greatness, the wonder, the boundlessness of life."
Helen Keller's draft response to R. S. French containing an address in absentia to read before the Convention for the Blind, 1930